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We are Benjamin and Maximilian Oberhofer, twin brothers and founders of "Upper Media", a film and photography team based in South Tyrol, Italy. About 4 years ago, we realized that filming is our passion and divided the work among us: The "Premiere Pro part", which entails editing, cutting and sound design is redominantly done by Benjamin, while image processing with "Adobe Photoshop" and special effects with "Adobe After Effects", is predominantly done by Maximilian. The first videos we made were of our friend Filippo, who is a downhill-mountainbiker, which we uploaded to our first YouTube - channel. However, since then we keep learning and honing our skills with every new project. Last year (2019) we also welcomed a new member, Emil. He is also very good in shooting and editing videos, as well as a great team player. If you want to check out our more current work, please visit us on YouTube or Instagram

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The corporate and image film stages the emotional story behind your company. The film puts the uniqueness of your service in the foreground and convinces with powerful storytelling and strong images.

The event video, also known as "aftermovie", is a video we create especially for the highlights of your event (business opening, fairs, party nights). Matching the theme you have chosen, the music, colors and highlights will harmonize perfectly to create the mood and desired effect.

You have a product, which you would like to present as effectively as possible? We will put it in the spotlight for you to arouse the curiosity of your potential customers and convince them beyond any doubt.

When advertising a start-up or a new idea, it´s essential to be unique. This works best with a logo which is directly related to the idea, describes it and makes it interesting. This is exactly why we design your new logo.

In just a few seconds, a social media movie is convincing across platforms, strengthens the online presence and makes your brand authentic and tangible.

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